Butterfly Bonanza

Avid readers of this blog (yes, you) will be aware that I’ve kept my back garden uncut for most of this year. I don’t unfortunately have any baseline data to compare with (what an amateur) but I’m convinced that my wilder garden / meadow / jungle has hosted a greater diversity of insect life than previously. Rather like birds on a wider scale, butterflies are a useful indicator because they’re relatively easy to spot and to differentiate (compared, for example, to grasshoppers). And this year, so far, I’ve seen 13 different species, including the usual suspects like small tortoiseshell and peacock as well as a real surprise (brown argus). Food chains being what they are, quite a few dragonflies have buzzed through as well.

Here are a few photos from recently. Can you identify them all? If you can’t, don’t worry – just enjoy them. Insects repay careful observation in spadefuls. Seen close-up, they take on a whole other level of personality and character. Now if I can just save up for a macro lens…










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