The Great Foxhunting Swindle

It emerged yesterday, behind the smokescreen of wall-to-wall Budget coverage, that the Government is intending to propose amendments to the Hunting Act (2004). Currently two dogs may be used to flush foxes out of hiding so they can be shot. This is done under the guise of “pest control” by people who are wary of natural ecological processes (or ignorant of them). A number of senior Government figures like the idea of chasing foxes with much larger numbers of dogs but this is currently illegal. Rather than offer a vote to repeal the Hunting Act (which would quite possibly be lost and would involve lengthy debate) this new course of action provides a swift and scrutiny-free way of at least allowing hunts to chase with full packs. Clearly this narrows the gap to full hunting considerably. It would make it significantly more difficult for prosecutions for illegal hunting to be brought successfully. If not quite “legalising hunting by the back door”, it is definitely opening the garden gate and leaving a window ajar.

I suggest you get on to your MP pronto – the vote is a week today. There are a number of emails circulating with letter templates / forms etc. By all means use these but it may also be worthwhile sending personal emails or letters as well. I’ve emailed my (pro-hunting) MP and I’ve included the text here to give you some ideas.

Dear Mr Bacon,
I would urge you to vote against the proposed amendments to the Hunting Act (2004). I don’t think the general public will see these proposals as anything other than an attempt to move closer to the re-legalisation of foxhunting with hounds. This is not the will of the country, or of the countryside. As the elected representative for South Norfolk, you must convey your constituents’ opposition to foxhunting  to Parliament.
I’m sure you won’t be fooled by arguments which may be advanced by some that this legislation is merely concerned with “pest control”. We all know that’s a red herring. In any case, the “pest control” angle has repeatedly been dismantled by those with an understanding of ecology.
I trust the will of the people will prevail in this matter and I look forward to seeing your name among the Noes.
[Don’t forget to include your full address, including postcode, and a phone number.]
Find your MP’s contact details here

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