Busy, busy, busy

[Update: If you’ve landed here from the Hawk & Owl Trust’s Norwich Peregrine website, thank you very much for visiting. My thoughts on the peregrines are at the bottom of this article. Feel free to have a read of some of the other pieces too and share and comment to your heart’s content.]

Wow, what a day! After the weather briefly lost its mind and turned into autumn or February or goodness knows what, it seems to have remembered that it’s supposed to be early summer. The sun is hot on the skin and, more importantly, the wind is warm and dry. Nature, which has been grinning and bearing it for a while, is making up for lost time. (As am I – you might have thought I’d migrated or been persecuted to extinction but happily no, I’ve just been busy, busy, busy. Almost as busy in fact as this little Bombus humilis bumblebee:


Everything is making the most of it today – the flowers are all straining towards the sun as if their lives depended on it, which they do. A greenbottle, no doubt taking time out from its work on a rabbit carcass the other side of our fence, is looking surprisingly attractive as it sunbathes:


Even the sycamore tree, probably exhausted from producing thousands of offspring, has finally decided that if it doesn’t put out leaves soon it’s going to have rather a thin year:


One creature who wasn’t prepared to wait for the wind to die down was the peregrine Mum at Norwich Cathedral. Why would she? Peregrines are among the most skillful of all flyers and a bit of breeze is nothing to them. Mind you, I expect she was issuing strict instructions to her three youngsters to stay firmly in the nest for the time being. That level of aeronautical expertise takes a few goes to get right and in previous years there have been some unfortunate episodes involving unsuccessful test flights. Keep an eye on this year’s candidates for the Top Gun Academy on the webcam: http://upp.hawkandowl.org/norwich-peregrines/norwich-cathedral-peregrine-live-web-cam-2015/



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